Seasonal Reassessments: Setting Realistic Expectations for Yourself

Do you ever take on more than you can handle? Or have you ever thought you could accomplish more than what was actually realistic? 

If so, you and me, both. 

I often think I can do so much in a small amount of time. I’ll pile on the projects, brainstorm and act on new ideas, AND schedule it into my planner, only to realize that, realistically, I cannot do it all in the time I’ve allotted. 

For example, my commitment to Monday blog posts got disrupted. After we moved to Grand Junction, I could not keep up with posting consistently on Mondays because other projects came up, more ideas sprouted, and my priorities and schedule got rearranged.

Part of my new schedule is traveling to Denver for work once a month. On my last trip, I realized how much I can realistically accomplish during my time there. Because, in my head, I conjure up X amount of things I would like to get done, the many people I’d like to see, and even how much exercise I can implement on my short trip. All of this, plus my 10-hour work shift. Realistically, I can achieve 25% of what I come up with in my head. This was a rude awakening for me, but it was very helpful. 

This realization trickled into other areas of my life, such as my writing and podcasting, our real estate media business, our new home projects, etc. It helped me recognize how we really do go through seasons in life and there’s “so much” that we can realistically do! With every season, there’s a new “habit-planting” process we need to go through to have a successful harvest at the end of that season. Sometimes the weather (life situations we cannot control) influences all of that and we’re left in the waiting. But even in the waiting, there’s a lot we can do. 

We can establish new routines that fit our new season. We can reassess our goals and break them down into bite-sized steps and tasks that don’t overwhelm us. We can declutter and pull out unnecessary weeds (tasks) that keep us from moving forward.

This season, I’m learning how to manage my time effectively (which reminds me of this post). I’m also learning how to prioritize the right things in a healthy way, without over-committing and over-exhausting myself. For many years (including recently), I would overload my project and task lists and end up procrastinating and leaving many things unfinished. It was addicting to merely “start” project after project, but it all gets frustrating when they’re left unfulfilled. When we have so have so many things going on at once that we aren’t be able to move forward with them, that’s a sign for “seasonal reassessment!”

Proverbs 13:19 says a desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul, and this can range from the biggest dreams we have to the smallest daily tasks we said we’d do yesterday. It’s good and healthy to have projects, tasks, and ideas, but it’s even more healthy to recognize we can’t do it all at the same time. 

When we accept “seasons” objectively (i.e. in a way that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions), we let ourselves mature and grow into the new chapter of life. We protect ourselves from getting overwhelmed and feeling guilty for not doing something as easily as it had been in previous seasons. With every season, there are new areas of growth! 

I’m actively working on getting back on track for Monday blog posts, and it has been a process! For the time being, I’m assessing my priorities to figure out what’s most important for us as a family in a new area right now.

With all that being said, I encourage you to reflect on your current season. Do you feel overwhelmed in certain areas? If so, it could be because you need a seasonal reassessment. What does a seasonal reassessment look like for you?

Also, if you haven’t started the 31 Day Challenge to read through Proverbs, it’s not too late! Proverbs is full of wisdom and advice on how to assess our priorities. You can start today by opening to the chapter that corresponds to today’s date.

I will continue to work on posts that expound on chapters from the Bible. I just might not post them every week for the time being (realistically speaking). But when I do, please let me know how my posts have helped, encouraged, and inspired you. Otherwise, happy reading! I’m so glad you’re here!

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