Episode 3: Through the Bible w/ Elise Yaremkiv | It STARTS When You Surrender


Exodus & Deuteronomy | Let’s go through the Bible and talk about God’s pursuit for each of us. It STARTS when you surrender. In this episode, Elise (Tanya’s sister in law) and Tanya talk about the insights, revelations, and perspectives from our recent studies in Exodus and Deuteronomy. When we go through the Bible, especially the Old Testament, we can easily get turned off, but the thing we need to come back to is “but Jesus.” When this is at the forefront of your mind, you see God’s love and grace. When you read the Bible, you start processing differently. 


What is your meaning and purpose for life?

What should a relationship with God and others look like? 

Why can’t we clearly decide the GOOD that God intends for us?

Why do we think God is limited just because He’s not doing what He did in the OT?

 Is God also a God of wrath and anger? 


“Obedience does not earn the relationship but is in response to it” 

“God is close to you and DO GOOD because of His closeness”

“God wants nothing more than to show you who He is”

“When you are reading something that you don’t agree with and you shut off, that just shows you don’t really want to get to know Him — you don’t need to fully understand why. God will show His grace”

“He made you to be HOLY” 

“If we can’t agree on if vanilla ice cream is good or not, why are we arguing about higher things?”


“Start off with prayer. Pray before you dive into Genesis 1:1 and ask God to wipe your mind clean because you want to know God for who He is, not based on your opinions or what you know. Start reading with this goal in mind: I want to know God.” 

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