Hi, I’m so glad you came across my blog! I’m Tanya Yaremkiv.

I started this blog to document my adventures with God, and it unraveled into a place of inspiration for people who want to live life full of purpose wherever they’re at. My goal is to provide motivational, biblical, and reflective content that will inspire and empower you to get transformation in every area of your life.

I’m passionate about seeking God’s Kingdom first, applying biblical truth and knowledge, and helping people transform their minds and lives. Once you’re a new creation in Christ, it’s time to get rid of the old and get trained in your new nature! Join me on this adventure!

about tanya yaremkiv

I struggled to understand who I was in Christ for a long time. I was a very warm Christian, with one foot in the church and the other in the world. But after I recommitted my life to God at 18, I began learning that there was more to life than the same-old, same-old. Part of my “recommitment prayer” was asking God to make my life an adventure, and that’s what I want to share here.

Every day is an adventure when you’re walking with God!

a little about my life:

  • born in Russia and moved to the U.S. at about 8 months old
  • lived in Washington state and grew up in Alaska before moving to Colorado
  • currently live in Colorado with my husband and puppy named Guddu (Guh-doo)
  • started and currently host a women’s gathering called Go Night
  • passionate about faith, life, and motivation
  • professionally, I’m an associate director of media for an international ministry.
  • aspire to become a speaker and author of best-selling books and devotionals.


  • I LOVE people and making new friends, so let’s connect somehow!
  • coffee and tea,
  • reading and studying (books, but especially the Bible),
  • fitness and health,
  • creating, planning, and, most of all, growing!

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Practicing gratitude is one of the simplest ways to improve satisfaction, happiness, and your overall health. Your overall well-being improves when you cultivate gratitude and make it part of your lifestyle and character. Because that’s what happens, it becomes a quality in your character!

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