Moving To Colorado

In 2015, I radically moved to Colorado!

Here’s a bit of my testimony and how it happened |

I grew up in a Christian home. I accepted Jesus as my Savior and got spirit-filled when I was eight. I knew God and always felt His nearness but by the time I was a teen, I hooked up with the wrong crowd, made some wrong decisions and trailed off into the world. I had no idea who I was, what my purpose was, or what to do next.

Although I heard His voice, I chose to push it aside and continue in this way of life. I felt lost, depressed, and purposeless. I didn’t have a great relationship with my parents either. Since I graduated high school early, I decided to do something “godly” for a few months. I hoped that this would set me back on track and make my parents proud.

January | 2015

Bible school is where everything changed. I learned what it meant to have a relationship with Christ and what it really looked like to be an everyday CHRIST-ian. In my pursuit for God, I learned there was more to life than having a “same-old, same-old” lifestyle. I also knew if I was all in, every day would be an adventure. So I recommitted my life to Jesus.

May | 2015

We graduated as missionaries, certificates and all. We had an evening called “Reveal Night” which meant we would find out which country we were to go to. I was placed on the Ukraine team so this meant I had to apply for U.S. citizenship to get a passport. Come June, I submitted my application and by then we all said our goodbyes. Some went home, others went to their assigned countries; I went on vacation. My family took a long road trip from Alaska to Florida.

July | 2015

As soon as we came back from our vacation, I got to work. I worked full-time, fund-raised for Ukraine, studied for the citizenship test and did Bible studies with my younger brothers. My drive to work took about 45 minutes which I didn’t take for granted either. I would pray and worship roundtrip every day.

August | 2015

Until one day, everything seemed to crash. I was burnt out: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Weeping on my drive to work, I felt hopeless and confused yet again. I thought life was supposed to be different now but something was off and I needed an intervention. I prayed that God would do something RADICAL in my life ASAP.

A few days went by… as I got home one evening my parents sat me down and asked how I was doing. They knew something was wrong. Actually, they both heard from God and started praying for me a week earlier. Then, our friend from Colorado called saying I came to her mind during her prayer time. They all knew I needed to leave Alaska and bought a ticket for me. To Denver.

Confirmation |

But I wanted to hear God for myself! Why were they hearing from God and I wasn’t?! I went to my room and began praying again, asking for my own confirmation. I was all set to go to Ukraine but that wouldn’t happen until late October; I still had a citizenship test to take; a job, a boyfriend… 

I called my boyfriend for confirmation because I KNEW he would say “NO WAY.”

But he didn’t… Ruvim said it had to be God!

Moving |

Before I could process his response my mom knocked on my door and said, “I know you’re praying and trying to be spiritual… but you might want to start packing now, you leave tomorrow.” 

Twelve hours later I was on the plane, headed for Denver. The packing, the goodbyes, the flight, everything was a blur. Why Colorado? What about Ukraine? Was this temporary? I had so many questions but as the plane dipped its nose for landing I looked out the window and heard God say this was home; my new mission ground. 

I remembered my prayer for a radical move and it all started to make sense. 

It took a simple prayer, a nudge from my parents, and a leap of faith. God plucked me out of Alaska and propped me in Colorado. Since then, life has taken many more radical turns and I learned that sometimes we go through “valley” seasons for growth. Through these times we need to learn to trust and rely on God! He always has a plan!

Do you need God to do something radical for you?

Ephesians 3:20

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