Our First Financial Investment

Meet Guddu!

  • Pronounced Guh-Doo, an Indian name that means SWEET.
  • Miniature Australian Shepherd / American Eskimo mix (Aussie-Eskimo)
  • Born October 3rd, 2017; adopted on December 9th, 2017
  • Love language is touch; he’s a hardcore cuddler!
  • Loves making new friends (people & especially dogs)
  • Loves car rides and new adventures
  • Very curious!
  • Will do anything for food BUT prays before he eats.

One of the best financial investments we made in our marriage was getting Guddu. Ruvim told me from the start that we should get a dog, and my answer was always a straight-up no. See, I grew up with cats and birds… independent animals who need little attention. However, Ruvim grew up with dogs, so he already had a sweet spot for them.

After we got married and settled in our new place, the topic didn’t really come up anymore. Until we went to a pet shop on a date night. The employees took out the newly arrived pups, about four or five, and we played with them for a little. There was one that caught my eye from the beginning. Pretty much love at first sight!

Throughout the following week, we talked about that one pup. Guddu sort of left an imprint on our hearts. We considered how much dedication it’d take to train a dog, the financial side of it, and even the shedding (an already pet-peeve of mine! Pun-intended). But it convinced us that if someone else got him, we would regret not having him. So, on December 9th, 2017, we got the pup!

Fast forward to now, he has the energy of a dozen toddlers, started shedding like crazy, knows a ton of tricks, goes to his room when told, and is always happy. It’s incredible how when someone depends on you, your attitude and character changes. You learn more about yourself as you’re learning how to take care of and train another living creature.

If you’re thinking about getting a dog (or other pet), here are some tips:

  • Visit a pet shop, rescue shelter, or animal farm. Don’t get attached and don’t impulse buy! Instead, go home and think about it for a week or two.
  • If you think about a particular animal you saw, consider the costs (financially, emotionally, physically). Can you pay upfront? Can you fit pet food into your budget? Are you willing to train or pay for training? Are you ready to clean up poop and throw-up? Will you actually do all of that or do you just like the idea of it?

One last thought – if you’ll regret not getting that dog or other pet, then just go get them. If you find yourself not even thinking about them a week later… don’t do it.

Thanks for reading my post and let me know if you got a pet! If you already have one, share some fun tips for pet-owners or tricks that your furball learned in the comment section below!

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