A Detour Worth Taking!

Before you read this continuation post, be sure to check out How I moved to Colorado! 🙂

When I came to Colorado in August 2015, our friends (Olga & Mikhail) picked me up from the airport. We reunited with them earlier that summer, and Olga was the friend who called my parents after her prayer time. They were so kind to let me stay at their place until I would figure out what to do next.

Olga mentored me and helped me walk through the transition. She introduced me to people who became my friends to this day. She also took me to a worship pastor’s house the day after I landed, and with that, the door to ministry opened up.

It still didn’t hit me I officially moved when I realized I had all this money sitting in my savings account for Ukraine. I prayed and took a three-day fast about whether I should still go and what to do with the money if I didn’t. In my mind, this money didn’t really belong to me. I told everyone who helped me financially that it was for my trip, and so I felt like it should still go towards Ukraine.

On the last day of my fast, I heard God tell me to call the trip organizer because he’d know what I should do next. I called him up, told him about my move to Colorado, and how I felt about God wanting me here now. He said,

“I’m so happy for you and how God is working in your life. The account number is *blah*blah*blah*, you can send the money there and it will go toward Ukraine’s Bible school building fund. God bless you on your journey.”

Easy enough, right?

So, I sent the money! I found out shortly after that the Bible school was closer to being completely finished. I was so encouraged and felt a wave of relief come over me. It also felt like I got the green light to fully embrace this detour with God.

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Back to the open door for ministry…

After I met the worship pastor and attended a couple rehearsals, I joined the worship team for their church. They needed a piano player, and I needed something to do. I made connections and babysat for the next few months since I was without a job. Everything fell into place.

Getting back into ministry was like a breath of fresh air. I hadn’t plugged into a church after Bible school because I focused on work and family. The new worship team became a haven for me. It was timely that this community took me in and made me feel at home. They helped me in my walk with God, encouraged and affirmed me constantly, and helped me realize just how important it is to surround ourselves in a healthy community.

About two months in (mid-October), I went back to Alaska for a few events. I took my citizenship test, attended one of my best friend’s weddings, celebrated my birthday, and also found out my parents thought about moving! This sounded like a grand idea, but we all prayed to hear about it from God.

I was there for two weeks before returning home to Colorado. I continued to serve at my new church and babysit but felt an urge to actually look for a job, and eventually a new place. I couldn’t stay with Olga and Mikhail forever, so I prayed about it through November, and by December, I landed an interview at a bank. I got the job even though I was fresh out of high school. My start date wasn’t until the end of January, making it convenient because…

My parents sold their house and moved to Colorado!

God answered our prayer by giving them peace. They felt it was time to go, packed up, and moved. Just like that, spontaneously. They joked about me moving first, saying the situation was like the story about the spies viewing the Promised Land (as if I checked it out before they came and… you get it). So I went back to Alaska again to celebrate the holidays and help them pack.

Olga helped our family find a house to rent – it was in the same neighborhood as them and also an answered prayer about where I would live next. She also helped us with schools for my brothers to attend. I can only imagine how hard it must’ve been to start school in a new state mid-year, but they were troopers and made it look easy!

I’m grateful to our friends who poured so much of their time, attention, and support through first my transition, and then my family’s! It’s important to have a faith-community around you and also to be a reliable person for others. It’s important to trust God when asking for direction. I had my doubts and questions, but with every answered prayer, my confidence grew, and I became more and more familiar with His will for my life!

14 This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 1 John 5:14

What are you currently asking God?

Does it line up with His will for your life?

Who is in your faith community?

Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you. Mark 11:24

I pray this blesses you and encourages you to pray about the decisions in your life! Thank you for reading, and see what happened next here! ❤

Much love,


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