Episode 4: Through the Bible w/ Tanya Yaremkiv | God’s INTENT for rest & pleasure


Genesis 2 | Let’s go through the Bible and talk about God’s INTENT for rest & pleasure. In this episode, Tanya shares insights, revelations, and perspectives from Genesis 2. When we look at chapters from the Bible and go verse by verse, section by section, we’ll see how it all comes around full circle. The things of God start making sense and the things of the world become less tasteful. What God intended for our good (rest and pleasure) was twisted and infected by the world, but God still made a way to bring it back to his original design. 


What does rest mean to you?

What is your perspective of pleasure? 

Do you think rest and pleasure are of the world or of God?

Is monogamy for life?


“Rest days are holy and needed.”

“At the end of work, we too can come home and say, ‘it is good.’”

“We are not puppets, but we have a choice to make.”

“Dust isn’t evil and isn’t nothing, but it is next to nothing – a humble substance which we are all made from.”

“Our life has value because God breathed into us.” 

“Our nature is fragile from the get-go, but God breathes His life and provides the power.”

“When he created, he brought into existence. When he formed, he fashioned or gradually put parts together.”

“It’s all about relationship always. God’s plan is the best plan.”

“The world tainted enjoyment, pleasure, and obedience, but God flips the script for us every time, but only if we lean in to Him and hear Him.”


“Find rest, enjoyment, and pleasure in God’s word. If you’re married, enjoy God together. If you’re single, trust God’s process for marriage for you. And also, flip the script when the world tries to entice, confuse, and tempt you into its things. The things of the LORD are so much better.”

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