Embrace the Opportunity

“Why not me…”

I sometimes find myself going around the same mental circle:

“Why not, why this, why that, why not me…

Because probably not.”

But then this hopeful thought comes and rings,

“What if?”

And I can’t help but wait.

Another day. Another month. Another year.

Deep inside, I know that one day, maybe I’ll figure it out.

But do we ever?

We want to at least look like they got it figured out….

But one word, one comment, one question wipes it away,

And the glass is clear for all to see through:

We don’t know it all.

It’s our choice, though,

To push through the soil, to grasp the sunlight,

To gulp the air, to keep growing.

Even then, when you’re past the grime,

You don’t stop. You can’t.

You keep growing, maturing, stretching,

Reaching to the sky because

“What if?”

What if you become the smallest,

Largest, tallest, strongest, broadest, boldest, most fruitful, colorful,


You keep becoming.

You keep growing.

You keep living.

In a world of, “why not me?”

Ask, “what if me?”

Because when the opportunity comes,

you won’t be ready

Either way.

The difference will be the embrace.

What if you?

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