Are you B U S Y?

I’ve realized just what the word busy has done to me.

I’ve exaggerated, overstated, and emphasized this paltry word a little too much.

I look at my journal and see the scheduled meetings, the to-do’s, the lists, goals, and reminders.

So busy. I have a great deal to do to get done.

We’re always in a hurry somewhere.

To get somewhere or leave somewhere.

We forget to take time to notice the little things like…:

The weather.

The weather today and right now.

What happens during the drive home?

Or to work. Or to our somewhere.

The airplanes in the sky.

The color of the sky.

The trees undressing or reviving their leafy clothing.

The cars and SUV’s and buses and that person on the bicycle.


It’s okay to be busy. We all are.

But why the emphasis?

Isn’t it normal to be busy? It should be, but…

Let’s learn to enjoy the moments within our busyness.

Instead of rushing to the next part of our busy.

Your problem is not that you are too busy;
your problem is that you don’t own your situation.
– Rory Vaden

You will make time for what you really want in life. There’s no excuse.

You’ll be intentional about the little freebie moments. You won’t be too occupied for it.

You’ll enjoy the little things, like seeing the road construction and the people involved, or the kids at the park outside your window instead of glued to a tech-window.

We will always be busy.

But it’s possible to slow down

to see life,

to breathe life,

and experience.

…to reconnect with an old friend over coffee;

To swing by your old neighbor’s house with a gift and a note,

“I’m thinking of you.”

To take a five-minute walk with the sound of life;

To follow up instead of following on Instagram,

“How are you?”

To stop and smell the roses, you know?

I want to put effort into making myself less busy with these things.

Life is too short to emphasize on busy.

Busy is over-dramatized.

The paltry word doesn’t deserve that much attention.

Amid my busyness, I want to take my freebie moments and be intentional.

I want to make time because it is crucial.

I want to be graceful, excellent, and purposeful in all my doings.

Busy or not.

I’m not that busy to live. 

beautiful sky

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