Colorado Update: After 6 Years

It’s been awhile since I’ve written specifically about living in Colorado. 

To be completely honest, I dropped the ball on posting in the life category altogether because I lost focus on it. I’ve written posts on faith and motivation, but not so much on life. So here it is, an update after 6 years. 

I felt convicted about promising to share more about why I moved here. I even had a friend reach out and ask me, I want to know why and what God has done since you moved! How are you His vessel in Colorado? Why did He move you there?! And this was a gentle nudge to be more open about all that’s happened and is currently happening. 

I tried writing backwards about the “last-last” season of my life, the seasons and specific situations that happened a while ago! Almost too long ago to capture into one blog post without going into detail about everything before and after. I learned instead of working backwards, I could and should write about what God is doing now. 

Like many, I often battle with the fear of failure and what others will think. But throughout this year especially, God has helped me see those will often come up and we should still go for it. If you mess up, take a mental note and use it as a lesson. Don’t let it hinder you, because what’s the worst that can happen?

In the next few minutes, I want to share with you why I moved to Colorado and give an update after 6 years. This won’t fully catch us up with all that’s happened, but it’s a start! And I intend to write more about specific lessons and experiences from my past, but also to write more active, “raw” posts about life more frequently. 

I appreciate and thank you for reading – I hope to encourage, inspire, and motivate you every time ❤ 

Why I Moved To Colorado

When I first moved to Colorado, I imagined God doing great things through me and for me. I was overly confident it was all part of God’s will specifically for me. I felt special and set apart. But not long after I moved, I realized things don’t happen to us because we’re special. God does set us apart when you believe in Him, but His will for your life will always include others.

I believe God moved me here to grow so I could help others. The first year was the most difficult despite knowing I was in the right place. I was spiritually, emotionally, culturally, and mentally shocked, and at times, burnt out. And it all challenged my mindset, views, beliefs, and approach towards everything in life. This caused me to grow and ultimately impact others’ lives. From faith and Bible reading to relationships and work, everything was a process which grew me and my husband as individuals. 

It wasn’t about why I moved here, but more about what I would do with it. Would I stay faithful to God? Would I obey His voice as He spoke to me in various seasons? Would I choose to pursue Him when I didn’t feel or hear Him? Would I trust He was and is working in and through me for the sake of others?

I moved to Colorado after God spoke through 3 people and confirmed it through a 4th one. I moved to Colorado because God knew I would grow beyond my request for a radical life with Him. I asked God to make my life an adventure when I recommitted my life and He made that happen. But ultimately, He helped me realize it wasn’t just about me, but about everyone surrounding me, too. 

Moving was my defibrillator. It shook me up in every way. It made me uncomfortable, and it definitely made me grow. And you won’t always know why. Why He moves you, why He says certain things, why you are where you are. But it’s important to trust God is using absolutely everything for your growth and future seasons, to touch the lives of those around you. 

God sometimes moves us to pop our comfort bubbles and show us He can move in and through us anywhere, anytime, and for anyone. It could’ve been any other state, or even country, but He planted me here for reasons beyond my understanding.

After 6 Years

Whenever people ask me to catch them up, I never know where to begin and usually start with how God moved me here. From there, they ask various questions about which parts they’re more interested to hear. This shows that different parts of your story will interest and impact various people as you share your testimony. 

If I wrote about absolutely everything that’s happened in the last 6 years, it might as well be a book! But for this blog post, I’ll share where my husband and I are currently at. So please comment or message me if there’s a topic or experience I can explain more than this quick update. Or share with me an update on your life! 


I currently work for a ministry in the media department. People usually assume I do a lot of tech-y things, but really, I oversee the organizational side of things. From the television schedules, guest interview selections and book reviews, social media, and some event-related work, I oversee a large part of the department and make sure things run smoothly and get done. Additionally, I’m a floor director for the television program at the ministry. And I totally love all of it! It has been the best training ground for skills I couldn’t have got elsewhere. 

Before this, I worked for a tech company as an account manager, which was the perfect training ground for my current position. And before that, my first official job was as a universal banker. The way God brought me to and from each job has helped me realize how He prepares us for what’s next. 

My husband, Ruvim, and I have worked together for 3 years. He recently resigned from the ministry and started working for a media agency as a videographer. It has been a fun, interesting, and challenging new season we stepped into. We’re learning new rhythms, setting new goals, and getting closer to our dreams. 


Apart from work, I started writing my book which will get published soon! I launched a Bible study night for women in the south Denver area called Go Nights. It’s a Bible-focused evening where we talk about various topics that aren’t always addressed in church or other Christian group settings. I thank God for planting the desire in my heart and for my husband and friends for encouraging me to do it, because it has been wonderful and spirit-led each time! 

My newfound hobby or interest is hosting wedding receptions! I’ve hosted 2 and am booked to host another one at the end of October (book me for yours!). And as for church, I serve on the worship team and the women’s ministry teams. I’ve grown a lot as an individual and continue to learn how to minister to people here. 


Last, since my family has also moved to Colorado, it’s been interesting watching them grow as individuals. The Denver culture is fast-paced and being away from most of our relatives doesn’t make it easy. There have been a lot of difficulties, as with any family, but I try to find ways to see God’s hand moving in and through them.

In April, my grandma from Russia passed away, which was unexpected. This leaves my uncle and a few of my dads cousins on his side of the family. It’s been an emotional journey to say the least. But I can say that God is a redemptive God and knows how to meet us where we’re at. 

Despite the various seasons and transitions, I learned the most important lesson that sticks to me to this day, and that’s staying faithful with the little. If everything in our life is to grow us somehow, then it’s important to stay faithful everywhere and in everything.

Learn how to steward where God puts you, because it’s the trick to constantly looking forward, being content, and pursuing growth. If you can get better where you’re at, you’ll see transformation and grow as an individual quickly. 


Blogging is one avenue for me to minister and encourage people to live their best life. So my goal is to continue sharing parts of my life that could speak to you when you could go through something similar. I want to write intentionally for this life category, but also openly and honestly. My mission is to inspire, motivate, and encourage you in every area of life, especially with God.  

I hope this encourages you and reminds you that no matter where you’re at and what you’re doing, God is growing you! 

I’d love to hear from you and get to know you, too! How has God grown you this year? What are some things going on in your life now or in your previous season that you’re reaping? And what parts of my journey can I share more of to encourage, inspire, and motivate you?

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