5 Getaway Planning Tips + Our anniversary recap!

How to plan getaways with your boo

For our anniversary this year, Ruvim and I went to Florida for four days. We stayed in Miami and visited Key West and Key Largo. This trip turned out super budget friendly, and I wanted to share with you how we planned it out and hope you find some takeaways for your getaways! We actually almost canceled the trip, but I’ll talk more on that towards the end of this post.

You may find things that work for you or don’t. I encourage you to do what’s comfortable for you and your spouse. I’m writing from my experience and what worked for us. Don’t forget to tell me about your experience, what tips you grabbed from here, and where you went/what you did! 🙂 Bon Voyage!

Planning Your Getaway

Decide on a destination

Although many couples argue about where to go, this is the simple part. Ruvim and I have been wanting to go to Key West (mainly) for a while, so it was a no-brainer. However, if you’re having trouble choosing, you can write out your options on small papers, throw them in a hat and choose randomly.

Set a budget

We started budgeting in our second year of marriage. It has saved us a ton of headaches and probably arguments, too. With all costs included, our budget for this trip was $1,000. Even though we went over just a little, we were comfortable with every financial decision we made on this trip.

Decide who does what

After setting a budget, we split our tasks. I took care of the flights and the Airbnb, while Ruvim took care of the car rental. This way, we both carried a weight of some sort that set us up for success.

Create a “bucket” of activities

Instead of going all out with a detailed itinerary, we created a list of attractions, restaurants and cafes, and spots to visit. This was so much easier to have than being tied to a timeline. At the start of your day, look at this list and decide what you’re in the mood to do (again, be sure to both agree!) and then go for it.

Pack a carry on!

No need for an entire suitcase! Pack a duffle bag and get going. If you know me, I always pack as little as possible. This saves time, weight, and extra thinking about what to wear! Since this was a four-day trip, here’s what I packed:

  • 2 dresses
  • 2 tank tops (dressy and casual)
  • 1 pair of pants
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • Sneakers
  • Sandals
  • 1 hoodie (that I wore to the airport)
  • Undergarments
  • Bathroom essentials

Our anniversary getaway

So, as I mentioned earlier, we almost ended up canceling our trip and booking it to the mountains. After we purchased and rented everything, we monitored the weather and it showed thunderstorms for our entire stay! Just as we were about to cancel, we realized we’d barely get refunded. This encouraged us to go anyway 😛

We took a red eye flight and made it to Miami on Wednesday morning. Here’s what our trip looked like:

Day 1, Miami Beach

September 30, 2020

We get to Miami; the sky is clear, and the ocean called our names. We flew overnight and were pretty exhausted. Our Airbnb check-in wasn’t until 3pm, so we had time to kill and go in for a dip.

The weather was AMAAAAZING. Not at all what the weather app showed. We swam around, laid in the sun, then went to get some groceries. Lemme tell you, as soon as we got to the studio, the sky ripped open, and it POURED for about 30 minutes. We stayed inside the rest of the day, ate here and there, turned on a new show, and quickly fell asleep for the next 10 hours.

Day 2, Key West

October 1, 2020

The drive to Key West was sooo pretty! It’s surreal being surrounded by so much water for almost 3 hours. With the 00s playlist running, we absorbed the surrounding beauty, the moments that turned into memories, and each other’s company. (Seriously, marry your best friend).

As soon as we got to Key West, we frolicked around Duval street and its many shops, got some souvenirs, spotted a dozen of roaming chickens, and then went to Caroline’s for lunch, a local’s recommendation.

Afterwards, we debated between snorkeling or parasailing. Before this trip, I’ve been snorkeling once, and it was not a great experience. I get kind of claustrophobic and was nervous about doing it again. We did it anyway, because it included a sunset sail and a longer time out on the ocean.

So, Ruvim talked me through it and I realized that I didn’t need to base this experience off my first one, which happened 6+ years ago. I practiced on the boat and didn’t let myself think about it when I got in the water. It’s crazy how our fears and hesitations come from our own imaginations, preventing us from trying new things and experiencing new wonders.

We got to see A WHOLE NEW WORLD underwater, and it was only 0.000002% of it… definitely learned something for future trips! And would strongly recommend snorkeling out in Key West!

Day 3, Key Largo

October 2, 2020

Ruvim found this outstanding fishery where they catch fish and cook it fresh! I never really liked seafood growing up, but every year since I turned 17, my taste buds have changed. I’ve learned to love one fish at a time, and I’ve craved more seafood than ever before. Some grilled mahi-mahi for lunch, an amazing hubster, and a fishy view. Oh, and there was live music.

We went to a nearby beach afterward, and though it wasn’t warm enough to swim, we still hung out and relaxed. It was nice not being tied to an itinerary but have the day open to do whatever we liked.

Day 4, Miami

October 3, 2020

Our last day in Miami was even more laid back. It rained the whole day, which is what we imagined it to be like the entire time. We weren’t even upset because it was the perfect weather to wind down in and get ready to go home. We drove around Miami, got some Panther coffee and later some Cuban food. It was a great way to top off the anniversary getaway.

What about you?

How long have you been married for? And what’s your most memorable anniversary? Any future travel plans with your loved one?

What are some of YOUR best travel tips? Comment below!

Below are some pictures from our anniversary getaway, but let’s connect! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for real-time stories and posts. Hope to see you there!

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