When I see or hear this word on its own, I think of two words.

Quality and discipline.

At the beginning of a year, thousands of people make New Year’s Resolutions:

Health, wealth, relationships, travel, business, life change of some sort.

And a photographer determines and captures the detail in an image:

Hence, the term for image resolution, pixels, and all.

note notebook notes page anise aroma art bazaar

Quality and discipline. The two go hand in hand, somehow.

Year after year, our New Year’s resolution list grows or repeats, but with growth and repetition, a photographer improves. The image resolution or quality sharpens. The discipline for editing, focusing, assembling and learning the technology turns into passion and even habit. There’s an internal drive to keep learning, improving, and mastering the art.

Is it the same with life?

Are resolutions created from inspiration and motivation…

or hype and trends?

What drives us for that quality of life? And how do we create it?

A life of quality is the result of a life of discipline.

photo of person holding alarm clock

From athletes to artists, farmers to scholars, and business-people to stay-at-home individuals, discipline is a daily implementation. It sounds specific and strategic, but I promise it’s not. Look through the lens of a photographer. Our quality of life depends on the resolutions we make. The quality of a picture depends on its resolution. 

white and black canon dslr camera

Self-discipline, self-control, self-esteem, and so on, is practiced.

As a friend once said, practice doesn’t just make perfect – practice makes permanent.

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