Ruvim ❤ Tanya, pt. 2

We dated for about six weeks, and then he proposed, but before he did…

My best friend was about to get engaged! I was chatting with her boyfriend about his plan to propose on Valentine’s Day, and, now that Ruvim and I were back together, we planned a surprise trip. I was super excited to have them finally meet – after all, what besties don’t want their boyfriends’ meeting?!

Before our trip, I convinced Ruvim to go on a photoshoot to help our friend’s photography business. We scheduled it two days after Valentine’s Day (02-16-17), which also was the day we were to fly out.

On Valentine’s Day, Lily and Vince got engaged!

She called me after their date night and told me the story while I was packing for her other surprise. She had no idea we were coming, and if you know me – you know I love surprises!

— February 16, 2017 —

I woke up early to get ready for the photoshoot. This was our first one as a couple! And even though it took some convincing, Ruvim seemed pretty excited too! We went to several spots, but the weirdest thing for me was that he wanted to drive separately. I offered to go with him, but he said no, and he’d meet us at the next spot. Little did I know…

When we arrived at the last location, his car was already parked, but he wasn’t there. I assumed he either had to use the restroom or was out exploring the area. We walked toward the picnic gazebo, and as we got closer, I noticed a few roses hanging off the roof edge.

I turned around to let Nancy know a proposal was taking place, we need to get out of there! Not saying anything, she smiled and told me to just go. I walked inside only to find my man standing there. My first thoughts were, “No, what’s he doing here? We need to go!”

Then, he invited me in and began sharing what he saw in our future. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

Turns out, he planned this proposal months in advance. I thought this would help Nancy out with her photography business. They had me thinking the photoshoot was MY idea. She convinced me to convince him, and he played it off as hard to convince! What the what!

While we drove around and took pictures, our amazing friends decorated the gazebo with dozens of roses, and he took a separate car to get there before us. On our way there, we even stopped by the gas station to “fill up.” I didn’t realize this but Nancy was just stalling – I don’t even think she filled up her car!

I was beyond surprised and swept off my feet by the love of my life and the friends who took part in the proposal. After sharing the news with our families, we found out the flight got delayed. We still kept the surprise for Lily and spent the weekend catching up, celebrating each other, and the next chapter of life!

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