Episode 5: Through the Bible w/ Christian Mael | God wants to take the EGYPT out of you


Genesis & Exodus | Let’s go through the Bible and talk about how God takes the EGPYT out of us. In this episode, Christian and Tanya share insights, revelations, and perspectives from Genesis & Exodus. God uses everything in our lives to prepare us for fulfilling His will. Some things we go through in life are a prerequisite for where God is leading us! God prepares us to fulfill His long-term promise. When the Israelites were in the desert for 40 years, God was taking the EGYPT out of them, and that’s what He does with us when we’re in the wilderness. He takes the WORLD out of us! What you grew up in and have been taught is not always the right way or the right perspective. Culture moves and changes quickly, but God’s word never changes. What’s good for culture isn’t necessarily good for you. 


Has God given you a dream?

What does God want to do with this season of your life?

What is God trying to teach you when you read the Bible?

What is it in your life, the pain in your life, that God will use for helping others?

Do you have a Bible accountability partner?

What is TRUTH???

Who’s the authority in your life?

When you are looking for answers, what do you go to? WHO do you go to?


“God used everything in Joseph’s life

“Everything that people have done wrong to me or wanted to use it in an evil way, God has used it for good in my personal life.” 

“Lord, what do you want to do with this season of my life?”

“When you read the Bible, read it SLOW.” 

“All the pain we have in our life has purpose.”

“It’s not that God doesn’t want us to move forward. A lot of times we choose not to!”

“God would be cruel if He gave you something and you’re not ready for it.”

“Try to unlearn what you already know and go to the Word of God not thinking the way you’ve always been thinking.”

“I align my beliefs with the TRUTH of God.”


“Make a commitment to be in the word of God daily. The word of God can and transform your life if you read and apply it every day. Forget everything you know, and trust God to direct your path! Study, read, and develop the daily habit. Start small, start with five minutes. Five minutes can do a lot!”

Christian Mael

Connect with Christian:

Instagram: @christianmael 

Twitter: @christian_mael

YouTube: Coffee with Christian (coming soon!)

Download his Bible plan here

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