Episode 2: Through the Bible w/ Niki Martschinske | Trusting God w/o Knowing the Details

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Genesis 12 & 37 | Let’s go through the Bible and talk about what it looks like trusting God without knowing the details. In this episode, we talk about the insights, revelations, and perspectives from our recent studies in Genesis 12 (Abram’s story) and Genesis 37 (Joseph’s story). We cover Abram and his obedience and downfalls; what it looks like having holy fear and reverence of God vs. human fear; questioning what is His will and when to go for it; about Joseph and what he went through for character refining; having full dependence on the Lord for His big picture; connecting with others for relationship and growth in God; how today’s culture and society looks at independence and dependence on God and others; immersing yourself into the reality of God by being in a relationship with others; division in the church and among people.


Would you go if the Lord told you to go somewhere, but without knowing where you’re going?

How do you trust God when you’re afraid?

How have you been able to establish when God is telling you to do something vs your own thoughts?

How do you know when it’s God vs your own fanciful ideas?


God would not leave us in a questioning place at the risk of our disobedience to Him.

Your obedience matters in the moment of what God is calling you to!

Ultimate dependence on others is our ultimate reflection on how we depend on God.


“Just read. Let the Holy Spirit bring revelation to you, talk to other people about your Bible reading. Trust the Holy Spirit and have open questions. ASK questions because the answers aren’t going to seem super clear at first, but the Lord will reveal when we ask.”

Niki Martschinske

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