Episode 1: Through the Bible | Introduction (Matthew 28:19-20)

In this episode, I talk about what this series is all about, the vision for it, and dive into some scripture so that you can feel it out as well. The goal of this series is for us to understand God’s word better, grow in our relationship with Jesus, disciple & be discipled.

So, in each episode, I’ll go through a chapter or two from the Bible and talk through it by sharing insights, revelations, and perspectives from my recent studies. I plan to talk through even the difficult parts of the Bible, the topics that aren’t always addressed at church, the confusing and even weird parts of the Bible, and to open it up for further discussion. 

You can find Through The Bible podcast on Instagram where most of those discussions will be held, the conversations are not limited to my website here. You can message me and contact me through whichever platform you’re listening on or on this website. There are lots of ways to reach me, because I want you to! Subscribe and follow this podcast, wherever you listen and also on Instagram, and let’s get connected. 

Instead of going through 1-2 chapters today, I want to cover 2 verses which will help set the tone for this series and its vision. Let’s look at Matthew 28:19-20 where Jesus gives us the great commission.

Resources mentioned in the episode (not affiliate marketing, just personal recommendations):

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