Genesis 24: Look Beyond What You Feel

I didn’t know what to write about this week, which is a common occurrence. I usually have several topics ruminating in my head throughout the weeks which I work on later, but for this week, nothing really came to mind. Just a few minutes before writing this post I thought, maybe I could share what I’m reading in the Word. And so, in a little, that’s what you’ll read about.

But first, I wanted to talk to the person who’s feeling behind. Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s someone you know who’s expressed that. It’s a familiar feeling we come across every so often, which puts us in wondering or questioning mode. When will I get there? When will I have that? Why am I not further? Why don’t I have more? Why am I repeating this lesson?

This feeling-behind can become so familiar. But I want to challenge you to think past it. I’m tempted to say, “look beyond what you see,” like from Lion King, but to change the wording just a bit: Look beyond what you FEEL.

Feeling behind is just a feeling, and that’s a helpful reminder when we can’t make it go away or stop. By looking beyond what you feel, you can take a few moments to practice gratitude. Think about how far you have come. Think of your much-younger self who might ask, “wait, we’re actually there?”

There’s this trend on TikTok/Reels that illustrates this well – the first part is current-you working on something and wishing to be further along, and the second part is a younger picture asking that you actually made it to where you are. We’re our worst critics, but it’s helpful to remember the little things you dreamed and hoped for when you were younger, because you may very well be living some of those out now.

I get this way with my writing. I’ve shared that many times before. But what has helped me now is gratitude and looking beyond what I feel, because unless I quit it altogether, I’ll keep growing, learning, and improving whether I see it or not.

If you’re feeling behind, take a few moments to practice gratitude, especially for where you are today and the people in your life. That’ll help you “feel forward.”

September Bible Reading

I’m currently reading through Genesis, and it has been so interesting. Do you ever feel like when you re-read a certain part of the Bible that new things jump out at you? That’s how it’s been for me. It seems like I’ve never read it before because of all that I’m learning!

I just finished chapter 24, where Abraham sent his servant to find a bride for Isaac. This story always fascinated me, even as a child (I can even recall the images included in the Russian children’s Bible). Somewhere in the back of my mind (or spirit), I knew that this was a foreshadowing of Jesus. There was something within this story which associated with Jesus that I couldn’t quite pinpoint.

Russian Kids Bible; Borislav

As I read through it along with a Bible commentary (Enduring Word by David Guzik), Abraham’s servant, Eliezer, really stood out to me. He was so thorough, trusting, and didn’t deviate from Abraham’s mission one bit. And I wondered who he “represented” and how this part of Abraham and Isaac’s story could help me today.

Well, sure enough, Eliezer means “God of help” or “Helper.” He was like a representation of the Holy Spirit.

Like Abraham (the father) sent a servant, Eliezer (the Helper), to find and bring back Rebekah (the bride) for Isaac (the son), God the Father sent the Holy Spirit to find and bring us, the Church, to be with the Son!

We can compare Eliezer and Rebekah’s journey from her family’s home to where Isaac was to our life here on earth. There was a note in the commentary that said:

We can well imagine the conversations Rebekah and Eliezer had on the journey. She wanted to know all she could about Isaac, whom she loved without ever seeing, and he would be delighted to tell her.

Similarly, while we’re on this journey, we have the Holy Spirit to tell us all about Jesus; to reveal Him to us more and more through the Word. We have not “seen” Jesus in person, but the Father sent the Helper to teach us all things and lead us into all the truth (John 14:15-17, 26, 16:12-15). He will always point to Jesus in every situation, conversation, and relationship.

Before they left, her mother and brother wanted to delay their departure by saying she should stay an additional ten days. And there’s a great quote by Dr. Donald Barnhouse which says,

If the world does not succeed in persuading the believer to abide in the world, it will seek to delay his exit… When you decide to go with the Lord, the world will applaud your devotion but will say, ‘Don’t rush. Abide a few days, at least ten, and then go.” (Barnhouse)

And therefore, pure devotion matters on our part. When they said to delay the trip, Eliezer stepped in and said in Genesis 24:56, “Do not hinder me, since the LORD has prospered my way; send me away so that I may go to my master.” Then the matter was turned over to Rebekah, they called Rebekah and said to her, “Will you go with this man?” And she said, “I will go.” (Genesis 24:58).

Often, the Holy Spirit will step in and speak to us about certain matters, saying, “do not delay,” “this is the way,” “take this turn,” or “make this decision.” But the ball ends up in our court to which we should obediently and faithfully respond, I will go.  

This chapter is a good reminder for us about the care and guidance of the Holy Spirit while we make our journey closer to Christ. All we must do is follow, remain faithful, and obey. He is our Helper and the one who brings us closer and closer to Jesus.

Oh, and He doesn’t make us feel “behind.” He just helps us stay on track.

Thanks for reading ❤

I would love to hear your thoughts on this chapter – comment below!
When was the last time you read through Genesis?
What did God reveal to you about chapter 24?
What did you think of this blog post?

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  1. What an interesting parallel! Its such a beautiful comparison between the story of Rebekah and the love of Christ for the church. I’ll definitely be sharing this with my family! Thank you for sharing it with us, the community!

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