What to do with fleeting thoughts

Do you ever get recurring thoughts?

They’re not necessarily positive or negative, just little “inklings” that leave droplet-size thoughts in your mind. You don’t really suppress it, but you also don’t dwell on it too much.

Maybe it’s a person who comes to mind, or a memory that pops up and replays for half a millisecond. It could be an idea, a project, a task, or even a place that you wonder if it even exists. Whatever the thought, it slips through your mind several times until, finally, you actually see it in reality. It’s as if it comes to pass.

It’s not that you have the answers or solutions to whatever ran through your mind, but it’s like a small foretelling.

You think of a person frequently and then they reach out or you hear news about them or their family members. Something that directly affects or affected them, whether positively or negatively. You imagine being in a place that doesn’t really look like anywhere you know, but then shortly after, you find yourself there on an adventure or wondering how and why you got there.

It’s interesting how that happens. A person, a place, a thing, and even an instance or situation comes to mind enough times until you find yourself “living” in the reality of that thought and realizing, wow, I thought about this before.

Whenever this happens to me, I realize how much more intentional I want to be. For example, if a person came to mind several times and then they reach out, I would like to be more intentional next time and reach out first. Not because it’s a race, but maybe I could be helpful somehow. Or if a memory rolls, I want to grab a journal and write about it, especially compared to where I’m at today. Just for documenting purposes.

Now, when something leans more toward the negative side, I want to act on it with prayer. When it’s more positive, with praise. I want to get better at turning to God instead of carrying on with my day like nothing is happening internally. Yes, these thoughts are “fleeting,” but my what if through them, I can get closer to God and the people in my life?

Instead of waiting for things to happen, as I often end up doing, I want to take the next step and grow in my relationship with God and people. Instead of waiting for someone to reach out or for God to give me a sign, I want to reach out. Because when it happens the other way around, I believe a sense of awe, wonderment, and surprise will take place, that will lead me into contentedness, joy, and peace.

I don’t know if that made sense, but it was on my mind, and I “thought” I could share it with you.

May our fleeting thoughts be turned into faith, if anything at all.

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