Finding Common Ground

It’s funny how we seek for similarities in each other. 

We look for ways to connect, for things we have in common. We try to recognize ourselves in each other’s characters, likes/dislikes, interests, experiences, etc. 

Yet, we’ll never really know. 

We might think we do, but we really don’t. 

We can’t see through another’s eyes, only through what they tell us and how they present themselves. And even then, it’s through our own filter, our own lens, perception, reality, and understanding. 

I speak for myself first when I say, we often avoid people and places we don’t resonate with. A wave of relief comes when plans change and we don’t have to face the differences, the discomfort, the dis-anything. Because our reality is made up of the things we truly want and seek. 

We create it and our environment. 

I hope to never settle down in my current reality, but to pursue my bigger ones, while including people and places. So that I can leave little pieces of me everywhere, too. Everyone does that. Intentionally or not. 

Everyone you’ve met has altered your reality somehow. 

I don’t want to only look for the similarities, but for more > to look deeper, wider, broader. 

The same air is breathed, the ground is shared.

Our differences ARE what makes us similar. 

That we have differences IS our common ground. 

Our differences connect us, in ways that we might not understand or be able to explain. 

So, instead of seeking comfort, safeguards, and ONLY similarities, take it to the next level and pursue another’s differences. Discover how, why, what, and where we’re different. 

Cause if we were all the same, the world wouldn’t be as interesting. 

Our differences connect us.

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