This is what God says about you

You know what blows my mind?

Just how much God loves us. I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand just how much, but everyday I get a deeper glimpse into His love, and it blows my mind. This morning, I sat on my living room floor and thought about the words in the song “Simple” by People and Songs, and it struck a chord that will probably feel fresh forever – God loves people.

He loves me, and He loves you.

He loved us so much that He sent His only son to die for us SO THAT we could be with Him; SO THAT we could be worthy and blameless before Him; SO THAT we could be like Him and with Him.

When we listen to worship songs, sing, or pray, and praise Him for how worthy He is, he reciprocates that to US because of JESUS.

Jesus paid it all, all our debts and sins and transgressions. And now, in full trust in His will and obedience to it, we can reflect that worthiness in our lives.

He values people. He loves people. He makes people worthy.

I can dig a pit of self pity, feeling worthless and insecure, and depressed or whatever. But that happens when I don’t see myself through His eyes. When I forget what He did for me.

Because When you get a glimpse of who you are in Christ, all anxiety, self sabotage, depression, negative and toxic thoughts disappear… because where Christ is, darkness flees. Even when we try to invite it in.

We must renew our minds in Christ in order to see ourselves through His POV. You can’t be insecure when you’re secure in Him. You can’t get depressed when you press into Him.

I get it though, it’s hard to stay in that place all that time. Our minds and internal state of being are powerful. And we’ll go through various seasons where everything makes sense or doesn’t at all, but that reminder of Christ’s sacrifice to make us worthy helps. It helps to think about His love for us. It helps to know that when we worship Him for His worthiness, that He looks at us and says, “(now) you are too.”

Thank you, Jesus, for your death and resurrection.
For loving me that much.
For making me worthy.
It’s my JOY to thank you.

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  1. “You can’t be insecure when you’re secure in Him. You can’t be depressed when you press into Him.” I absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing your heart.


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