God Calling: March 23, 2021

Many of us were or are in quarantine. We’ve spent more time at home in the last year than possibly any year prior.

Some of us have gotten lonely, more anxious, depressed, or simply bored.

Though on the other hand, many of us slowed down and learned how to be more present in our families and relationships; have gotten more creative; and felt an internal reset.

Either way, quarantine served us in both positive and negative ways.


Last year, when the stay-at-home order got issued, I picked up a 365 One-Minute Meditations – God Calling devotional that my dad bought me when I was a preteen. We were at a local Christian bookstore when I saw this little book, and I remember pressing on him how badly I needed it.

Little did I know just how well it would serve me.

Even though it could’ve been the pretty picture that caught my attention, or maybe God Himself stepping in, this devotional got me through some dark moments in my teenage years.

I kept it at arms-reach under my bed along with a journal and pen through my middle and high school years.

Whenever I was worried, stressed, anxious, angry, depressed… this little devotional got me through. It planted some truths in my heart and is producing fruit today.

The Bible talks about trials we’d face in this life, along with specific principles and instructions laid out for us to follow to get through them as well. They’re given to encourage and help us get through each test and season of life.

I mostly struggled with fear: fear of the future, of the dark, being alone, death, etc. But when I would read the one-minute nugget from this devotional, it helped me recognize God’s voice a little better, bringing calmness, peace, and love into my fearful soul.

It helped me memorize the verses, which became staples to my walk with Him. I became more interested in studying the Bible and praying throughout my day.

Even though I went through a lot of rebellion and disobedience in my teen years, this little devotional anchored me back to the truth each time. I found God would still speak to me, despite my waywardness.

Over the years, I learned that it’s not at all about what we do that makes God love us.

He loves us because we are.

He is the Creator of all and lavishes His love on us continuously.

But we can easily overlook this when we get disturbed by things like fear, anxiety, depression, even loneliness.

As I ponder on all that’s going on in the world (global pandemic, quarantine, masking up, hybrid-school systems, etc.), I remember the many times I was afraid and what helped me most in those times: picking up this little devotional, reading it, and journaling. Often, the journaling piece turned into copying down the verse and entire nugget.

I recall and reminisce about the special moments with God during those years, because I see its fruit in my life today. It served as a launchpad to move from fear to faith, chaos to peace, and anger to kindness.

Through every season, God gently spoke to my heart and kept my path straight.

Even though I trailed off, He kept it straight and kept calling me back to it.

Whatever your situation and environment looks like right now, just know that God sees you.

He sees the silent cries of your heart, the stress that presses against your soul, and the hopelessness you might be experiencing.

He sees you, and He wants you to know that your life is important to Him no matter where you’re at: out and about or in quarantine. He gently speaks to your heart and calls you back to His straight path.

He loves you because you ARE.

Even if you see nothing happening, just know that these are seeds being planted into your future.

What are you still facing today?

What devotional is on your bookshelf?

He is beside you to bless and help you. Don’t waver in your prayers; He collects them all.

All power is His.

Use it as a battle cry and pass on to victory.

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:7

Disclosure: I updated this post from last year to apply to 2021.
See original post here.


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