10 Quotes That (if applied) Will Change Your Life

Many of us live with a weekday/weekend mentality.

And in some ways, it’s helpful. At least to keep track of the days.

But do you ever try to “make it” to the weekend? Or “get through” work, or whatever it is you’re not super passionate about?

Do your days feel like groundhog days?

You feel stuck. Over it. Just ready to go back to sleep, or Netflix & Chill.

Whatever that thing is, you’re just not that motivated anymore.

But you have these ideas and dreams that flare up, only to die out again. Because you don’t live how you genuinely believe you should.

The rest of this post contains inspiring quotes that motivate me to live against the grain and outside of the social norm. These quotes have changed my perspective on what a fulfilling life looks like and have helped me make the most of every single day.

Instead of living for the weekend, find things that remind you to LIVE for YOUR LIFE.

These quotes can help kick-start that for you.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.

(Harold Whitman).

(1/10) We strive to complete the week and get to the weekend, just to do it all over again. We live, but we’re not really alive. The world needs people like you to step out of their comfort zone, because once you do, you encourage the next person to do it, too.

Inspiration comes and goes, but once you’re truly alive, you don’t rely on inspiration anymore. Inspiration follows action.

What makes you come alive?

You can’t find the passion outside of you. I’d also like to propose, or challenge, that you can’t really find your passion. You create it. The definition of passion is: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.

Just like you can work up your feelings to experience happiness or sadness, create a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something.

And don’t worry about what others think.

First, forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether or not you’re inspired.

(Octavia Butler)

(2/10) Another thing that often prevents you from going after your dreams is waiting for inspiration.

If you wait for inspiration, you chisel away your desire to do anything every time. Each time you wait, the point from which you were last inspired to when you will be inspired next gets longer.

Stop waiting for inspiration to come and build up habits. Habits that serve as launchpads for you to reach your future self and your highest potential.

If you want to write, write every day.

If you want to paint, sing, design, speak publicly, produce videos and photographs, etc. you fill in the blank, then take the necessary SMALL steps to build the habit.

Work your way into your own inspiration. Habits are the building blocks for it.

In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.

(Tony Robbins)

(3/10) Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent.

Permanent is a strong word, and it provides the correct weight for the meaning of this phrase. It’s important to practice what you want to preach (i.e. live out) to make it prominent in your life.

If you take risks only every so often, you will be more afraid each time. Especially if you failed in that risk.

But if you consistently take risks, you will get a thrill each time and come back for more.

The consistent action, the practice, helps you recognize and envision your outcome.

If C. S. Lewis published 1 book, we wouldn’t know him that well. But because of his consistency and practice, he produced more and more books, and became an inspiration to writers, readers, artists, parents, students, and businesspeople all over the world.

Look at your current consistent actions and ask yourself, Is this how I want to direct my life?

“The moment you have arrived is the perfect time to start out again.”

(Dan Sullivan)

(4/10) Do we ever really arrive, though?

You know the cliche saying, it’s not about the destination, but the journey.

It’s true! So, it’s important to practice envisioning your future self, writing out goals, and giving yourself time for creativity. As soon as you feel you’ve arrived, have another goal sitting at the doorstep.

I find this is the case in my faith especially.

As soon as I learn and apply a new revelation or biblical principle and “arrive,” something new pops up and God speaks into a new area. Or I go through the same scripture passage for the 100th time and see it in a fresh way, which totally transforms my goals and pursuit to live this life more fully.

Dream big!

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

(Marissa Meyer)

(5/10) We need people who can inspire, motivate, challenge, and cheer us on through life.

This one is sometimes hard for me to swallow, but it’s a friendly reminder to remain humble in all my relationships. I often enjoy being the smartest in the room, or the best at something, but this hurts relationships in ways we can’t see (am I the only one, or did I say too much?).

I also love the saying, everyone you meet knows something you don’t. And with these two reminders, I can remind myself to pursue relationships more than accolades and other whatnots.

It’s important to be relational, to find connection, and to learn from absolutely everyone.

Practice that by asking more questions, instead of over sharing your recently obtained knowledge. (*cough-cough, TANYA)

“What got you here won’t get you there.”

(Dr. Marshall Goldsmith)

(6/10) Remember that the things of your past do not define you or your future.

Your journey, or process, from here on out will look different from your journey to be where you are right now.

Don’t belittle the small things, but don’t over-magnify the big things.

Remain humble, open, and available to new opportunities, as well as intentional and careful along the road.

It’s an adventure.

Design is far more powerful than willpower. You must be intentional. You need to set yourself up for success. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. 

(Benjamin Hardy)

(7/10) In Ben’s book, Willpower Doesn’t Work, he explains the power behind creating an environment that stimulates you to reach your goals. As I mentioned earlier, waiting for inspiration chisels the initial desire away.

You must design your environment intentionally to do what you need to do, to get where you want to be.

Inspired people are like church-hoppers. They go from church to church because they don’t like 1-2 things and don’t want to put the work into being part of a community.

You’ve got to stop waiting for the inspiration and put your hand to the plow. One way is to step your environment in a way that reminds you what you need to get done.

Clean out the junk food from your kitchen if your goal is to lose weight. Remove the TV out of your bedroom and replace it with a bookshelf. Put your alarm across the room and stretch as soon as you turn it off in the mornings. And so on.

Don’t rely on willpower or inspiration, because those come and go.

Rely on your commitment, your drive, and your passion, for your goal.

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.

(Wayne Huizenga)

(8/10) Working in the ministry allows me the opportunity to meet successful people. It also gives me the opportunity to meet people who only dream of being successful. I’m sure this is the case in many jobs, but I want to direct this quote towards a potentially unpopular opinion: Sitting around and waiting for God’s promises to just happen in your life will take your entire life.

The more I study God’s Word and how Jesus lived His life, the more I see how much action He took to make things happen. He didn’t become popular because He was fully-God and fully-human. He became popular because He went and taught and performed miracles and connected with people.

He fulfilled the Law by taking action and dying on the cross to save you and me.

It’s a hefty analogy, I think. But it’s extremely powerful!

We can make all kinds of excuses for ourselves and about Jesus, but it doesn’t dismiss the fact that we often want things to just come to us. We want the simple way in or out.

Jesus is the ultimate example of not only successfully achieving only what He could achieve (saving humanity for eternity), but also getting up and pairing prayer with action.

Though God’s promises are yes and amen, Jesus still gave us commands to go out and obey them.

“When you’re interested, you do what’s convenient. When you’re committed, you do whatever it takes.”

(John Assaraf)

(9/10) My blog slogan is: inspired to inspire.

I intentionally wrote this, hoping this corner of the internet will be the inspiration you’re looking for. The motivation, the reminder, the push, the initiation for you to finally commit to what you want and need to do.

I still stand true to what I said about inspiration being temporary. And the thing is, so is being interested.

Being interested and inspired is good in the moment, we all need it. It’s the initial step to growth. But if it stops there, then you’re in trouble. You’re back in the “stuck” zone, waiting for the weekend.

You’ve got to commit and pursue your passion.

Because in actual life, no one else will do it for you.

Commitment is a statement of what ‘is’. You can know what you’re committed to by your results, not by what you say your commitments are. We are all committed. We are all producing results. The result is proof of a commitment.

(Jim Dethmer)

(10/10) As a concluding quote, keep in mind that results apply not only to positive things.

Everything in your life right now results from all prior and current commitments. You’ll know what they are by the results of your relationships, situations, and everyday life at home and work and your other routine environments.

You’re already committed. You’re already producing results.

The question is, what are those commitments and how do they line up with your dreams?

If you dream to change the world through the mission field, or evangelizing, or writing books, or helping people somehow, your current commitments will help you see how close you are.

Don’t wait for inspiration to come. Don’t stop at the interest.

Take the next step and create those habits, set up your environment, and pursue learning unlike ever before.

You’ll be amazed to see your life change!

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