Saying Goodbye to the Old Year

So, it’s time to say goodbye

Whether it’s a New Year, your birthday, anniversary, or a date you look at to mark an annual-something, there’s this feeling to move on that comes over you the day before. You feel the need to say goodbye, however that looks like for you, and to get closure to give yourself permission.

However, no matter how often this feeling comes and as the years go by, I want to share a psychological concept that I learned from my favorite motivational speaker. In the next few minutes, I want to share how to upgrade to your future self and to live from a growth-mindset throughout your year, despite what the calendar shows.

As you say goodbye to the old years, may it be out of anticipation for what’s to come and motivation to improve yourself:

Upgrade To Your Future Self Today

Upgrade to your future self today and do what your future self would do. If you set a goal tomorrow, 3 months, or a year, from now, what would the future-you do today?

For me, it’s writing and posting this TUH-DAY. It’s being vulnerable while dismissing all thoughts and feelings about how silly this may seem. It’s not worrying about what others think and writing passionately to inspire and motivate. My future self reaches people who need inspiration and motivation to live out their dreams.

My future self wants to grow, improve, achieve goals, and live out my dreams. That’s you, too, right?

You have that thing you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do.

You want to improve your lifestyle and live with purpose.

You want to live out that dream you’ve had since you were a kid (or maybe just came up with!).

The first step is to commit to whatever your dream is. Because you’re either interested and like the idea of it, or you’re committed and serious. The next step is to ask yourself, what would my future self do today? And then, do. If you want to accomplish your goals and live your dreams, commit and do what your future-self would do today.

Yes, it’s important to care about what others think. But you can’t let that prevent you from achieving your goals and living out your dream. There’s a fine line between caring and people-pleasing.

Upgrade to your future self and change today’s plans. Do what you need to do for you. You’re the only one who can make your dreams happen.

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6 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to the Old Year

Add yours

  1. One way I’ve found to upgrade to my future self is to rewind ⏪ back to the past.

    I call it, “Thrive Like You’re Five,” and it’s based on the belief that your personality-when you were a little kid- is the REAL you.

    So, think back to what you were like before you learned to hide, subtract the selfish temper tantrums, and you’re good to go!

    I’m excited about the plans for your new and improved blog. You KNOW I’m already a fan!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your concept of doing today what your future self would do!! This is so inspiring and motivational, and I am going to start living that way. This article has given me a huge boost, I can’t express my thanks for your honesty and encouragement! 🤗 YHVH bless!
    (Also, I’d love to see Faith, Life, AND Motivation posts! I can’t choose between them!)

    Liked by 2 people

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