Embracing Change

Ready for anything!

About two months after we got married, Ruvim felt a stirring in his spirit that a transition was coming. We weren’t sure what this looked like – if we were to move states, or cities, or even countries. At that point, I think we were ready for anything. Shortly after this, we got a dog! And for a moment I thought this could be our life-change.

But God had something else in mind.

We were attending and serving at a local church in Parker, surrounded by an amazing community. They were our church family for two-plus years! When, one day, Ruvim and I stepped out of our prayer closets somewhat baffled. We both felt God telling us we would change churches. I was more unsettled about it, but we prayed and fasted to see if this was really from God.

As time went on, we felt the Holy Spirit say that it was ultimately up to us. We could stay at our current church, in the familiar, and do what we were doing and live a normal, good life. Or we could take the risk and go out into the unknown (and possibly uncomfortable) in obedience to His voice to do ALL that He called us to do. We both wanted to take the risk and get outside of our comfort zone, so we said yes to His voice and asked Him to guide our every step and conversation.

We had no clue where God would lead us. We weren’t looking for a new church or praying about a specific one, we just prayed for grace, guidance, and wisdom.

Mail & Confirmation

We were going about our day and picked up the mail on our way home one night. There was an invitation to a Good Friday Service at a church nearby. We looked at each other and jokingly said, it’s an invitation from God! We entertained the thought that this could be our new church, but not for long.
Then agreed to attend the service with no assumptions, but with our hearts open. When the worship service ended, a worship leader came to us and said that God highlighted us to her. She encouraged us and said we were on the right path and right where God wanted us. Talk about guidance! This was a solid confirmation for us.

The next two steps wouldn’t be easy: talking with our church leaders and deciding when to transition. It was important for us to be at peace with everyone and to go with a blessing. We hoped to transition by the end of May to start there in June, but trusted our leaders’ wisdom. They said we’d need to stay until August and we surrendered to it, trusting that they heard from God. A few days after this conversation, they called us and said God told them to let us go at the end of May! They encouraged us to pursue God and our calling and blessed us.

Domino effect

In June 2018, we joined Encounter Church! Following this transition, the church offered Ruvim a position at Marilyn Hickey Ministries in September, and then I came on board in November. We thought the change stopped there, but it led to career changes, personal development, and growth in our faith! Like a domino effect!

When you outgrow your clothes, both you and the surrounding people can tell. In the same way, it will be clear to you and the people in your life when you outgrow an area in life (church, job, community, etc.). When embracing a life-change, first pray and fast about it. Don’t be afraid to question God either – is it from Him? Who will it affect? What steps do you need to take?

God will give you grace, guidance, and wisdom every step of the way. Full-stop! Along with that, enjoy the process and adventure, and keep your heart open! God speaks in many ways, including through the mail!

Let’s learn how to embrace change instead of fighting it. It will come either way!

What change(s) have you recently embraced or are thinking about embracing?

In what ways have you grown in the last month, 3 months, a year and 5 years?

Write these questions down and check in with yourself. Be encouraged with your results and continue to embrace change!

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Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act.

Psalm 37:4-5

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