Psalm 119: Stringing Pearls

The most popular book of the bible

You may be familiar with The Lord is my Shepherd or other famous Psalms, perhaps found on Pinterest or Hobby Lobby decor, or maybe from your upbringing or personal Bible reading. But ultimately, we know Psalms as one of the most popular books of the Bible. Psalms is also the longest book, with a compilation of 150 songs and poems.

Many worship leaders and songwriters have incorporated the verses of Psalms into songs and hymns. There are endless devotionals and prayer books on it, and it’s often referenced to by many each week if not every day. Though David wrote most of the chapters, there are a few where the writers are unknown.

Particularly Psalm 119, which we’ll be looking at in this series.

Psalm 119: Stringing Pearls

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible, based on the Hebrew alphabet.

Because there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, this chapter contains 22 corresponding sections. We will look at the sections individually starting next week and then sporadically.

When you first read this Psalm, it may seem repetitive. There’s no consecutive flow between the sections or verses, and the Psalmist emphasizes on what seems to be the same point throughout the entire chapter.

However, each letter has a unique definition where we can draw examples from and connect to the verses that hold life changing principles for personal development and growth in our faith.

This idea came when I discovered David Guzik’s quote:

The sections and verses are not like a chain where one link is connected to the other, but like a string of pearls where each pearl has equal, but independent value.

David Guzik Commentary

I also like to use the analogy of a colorful bouncy ball: when you throw it against the ground and catch it; you’ll see one unique side. When you throw and catch it again, you’ll see a different unique side. Every point you focus on looks unique on the outside but is still equidistant from its center (its point).

With that in mind, I invite you to learn how to string the pearls of Psalm 119. Let’s learn the definition of every letter and how it ties in to each verse and apply it to our daily life.

Whether you string pearls or bounce balls, tune in on this Psalm 119 Series and let me know what stands out the most to you!


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