Be Fearless & Hopeful!

Watching the news and media blowing up over COVID-19 has been interesting. Honestly, I was really annoyed at first. Society just seems crazy now. But then, I noticed how SO many people have made it their focus to staying positive in such a chaotic time. I found so much encouragement, despite the news! It also helped me understand that health epidemics are ser, especially when fear and panic are involved.

Seeing posts on social media about peace, remaining kind, and helping each other out inspired me to pursue these things more than ever! Being irritated and talking trash will help no one, particularly those who really are afraid. So, let’s continue being fearless, hopeful, and encouraging together!

Be Fearless and Hopeful!

Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up. Proverbs 12:25

It’s important to be encouraging during a global pandemic. We can’t avoid world issues, but we can fend off fearful thoughts. Whether it’s through prayer and reading the Bible, spending time with friends or family, practicing skills, or enjoying our hobbies, we can protect our minds by being an encouragement and seeking encouragement.

Worry and fear are diseases that’ll linger around even after the coronavirus dies… unless we prevent them! Just like we take health precautions by washing our hands, wearing masks, and socially distancing ourselves, we need to take faith precautions by watching what we say and when we say it, renewing our minds to think about what is true, pure, noble, etc. (Phil. 4:8), and socially connecting with others.

J. Parker, the blogger of Hot, Holy & Humorous, says, “presenting the truth doesn’t excuse us from commands to be loving, kind, gentle, patient, and self-controlled.” When we present the truth to our fears, we counter anxiety and worry by being loving and kind, and patient. We’re called to a life of freedom, not fear. We’re called to hope instead of despair and to peace instead of panic. We’re called to be the light in this time of darkness.

God gave us the ability to think and process life in a beautiful but sophisticated way, and He didn’t leave us alone for it. He thinks and handles life with us and teaches us how to do it with each other. By continuing to encourage each other, share our experiences and perspectives, we’re challenged to think about our lives and which precautions to take. Whether it’s regarding health and/or our faith. It’s important to point out the truth IN hope no matter what situation we’re in and to train ourselves to be fearless and hopeful.

Let’s talk about what’s going on.

How is it making you feel, and what are you experiencing?

In what ways can you help and inspire your circle of friends and family? Your social media feed?

How can you train yourself to live fearlessly, in hope?

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