How To Create An Intentional Morning Routine

Everyone has a morning routine despite what the specifics look like.

You will focus on and do what matters to you the most before heading out the door.

Must-have coffee, makeup, or shower. Whatever it is, there are things we do every morning routinely before leaving our abodes.

However, having an intentional morning routine sets you up for success for the rest of your day. Not only is it mentally stimulating and physically challenging, it is also a good practice for discipline.

In the next few minutes, I want to share why morning routines matter. Not only does it set you up for a successful day but also for your future. You might not recognize it at the moment, but the things you do daily will affect different parts of you as you grow and mature. So, let’s create intentional morning routines to set your future self up!


When you implement a healthy morning routine, it will get your creative juices flowing.

By starting off your day with something mentally stimulating, like reading, writing, or meditating, you workout your inspiration. You can pick up a project, or an overdue book, or even watch the sunrise, and start your day inspired.

The opportunities that lay before you are endless, and doing something creative from the start will help you carry that inspiration with determination and diligence into the rest of your day.


Energy has a lot to do with our attitudes. When you get up on the “wrong foot” like many of us experience from time to time, it’s hard to maintain motivation. Until you realize and admit to being grumpy, you can’t expect to have a good morning, let alone a great day.

Poor attitudes are draining. You’ll spend twice the amount of energy when you’re in a bad mood. So, it’s essential to GET energized once you wake up.

To adjust your attitude means to adjust your energy levels. It’s important to kick that off in the morning because, well, who doesn’t want to be happy AND successful?

Something I do is taking a few moments to stretch, reading the Bible, or simply eating breakfast. This takes my eyes off of what might put me in a bad mood.


Mornings are the perfect time to get prepared for the day. You might think, duh!

But in every way possible, the way you lead your morning routine will prepare you for the day and also the future. From getting ready to look nice for the day, to preparing to be nice during the day, our moments in the morning are vital to prepare us for whatever comes our way.

Even if we have a stable daily routine and can assume how it will go, life will sometimes hand you lemons and you’ll need to get creative, have the energy, and be prepared mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to handle it.

Spending a few minutes in prayer or meditation is a way to prepare spiritually; journaling or reading helps prepare us mentally, and exercise and breakfast prepare us physically. What other ways could we prepare?

My Routine

Wake up & stretch: When I started stretching every morning, I noticed I feel less tense and more motivated to start the day.

Wash up & hydrate: After a few sips of water (still forming this habit), I wash up and moisturize my face.

Coffee & pack lunch: Ruvim will usually make coffee and I’ll pack lunch and things for work. Then we’ll sit together for a few moments before heading out.

Gym/Rest Day: We’ll either go to the gym or start our day with the next points on rest days.

Get dressed (makeup, hair, outfit): In no particular order, I give myself about 15-20 minutes for this. Sometimes it can be longer depending on the event that follows.

Eat breakfast & be creative: Eat and get my creative juices flowing before starting work.

Your Routine

Whether you’re the planner type (or not), you can create a morning routine to set yourself up for success. To recap, morning routines are important because you’ll get your creative juices flowing into the rest of your day, you’ll get energized, and you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Get creative. What are some ways you get your creative juices flowing? Maybe it’s watching the sunrise, or journaling for a few minutes. It could be taking time to make a fun breakfast, or even just sitting on the couch with a great cup of coffee.

Get energized. Coffee, reading, exercise, etc. How do you get energized? What makes you happy? How can you wake yourself up physically and mentally? Stretching is a great start!

Get prepared. How do you like to prepare? For me, reading, journaling, and spending a few minutes in prayer gets me prepared. I also like to write out my to-do’s for the day or check my calendar. What can you do that helps you prepare?

As time goes on, I’m sure your routine will change and improve. Mine changes from season to season, yet these three reasons keep me motivated to have an intentional morning!

Do you have a morning routine, and if so, what motivates you to stick to it?

Let me experience your faithful love in the morning, for I trust in you. Reveal to me the way I should go because I appeal to you.

Psalm 143:8.

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